• The GMES security service addresses Intelligence and early warning as well as crisis management operations. It covers in particular the following areas:
  • Monitoring of activities resulting from non-proliferation treaties (e.g. decommissioning of nuclear sites);
  • Critical asset monitoring (e.g. power plants);
  • Surveillance of illegal activities (e.g. illegal timber logging, illicit crops);
  • Border and route surveillance;
  • Crisis prepardness, crisis planning, crisis management (e.g. contingency plan preparation, terrain analysis and mobility assessment, damage assessment);
  • Humanitarian relief and reconstruction support.


The pre-operational security service of GMES is currently provided through the EU-funded project G-MOSAIC, which develops 17 service chains:


Non-Proliferation & treaties

1. Monitoring of nuclear decommissioning sites
2. Continuous surveillance of nuclear facilities


Crisis indicators

3. Exploitation of natural resources
4. Population pressure
5. Land degradation


Critical assets monitoring

6. Critical assets monitoring
7. Critical assets event assessment


Illegal activities

8. Illegal mining
9. Illegal timber logging
10. Illicit crops


Routes & borders

11. Monitoring of activities
12. Migration routes and settlements


Crisis Preparedness and Planning

13. Contingency plan preparation


Crisis management

14. Terrain analysis and mobility assessment
15. Logistic and deployment operations


Damage Assessment and Reconstruction

16. Post-conflict Damage assessment
17. Support to post-conflict reconstruction